Life Changing Gratitude

Gratitude lists, journals, prompts -- the word gratitude itself seems to be the "buzz" word these days.  What do you when you find yourself living a day without any real gratitude? 
Here's an exercise that is sure to jump start the gratitude we all need for ourselves and those we love:
Start tomorrow morning by pulling out that gratitude journal that's gathering dust on your nightstand & turn to a fresh page. Say a prayer asking God to bring to mind the day before.  Now, take a hard look at your yesterday and find three to five things that you are grateful to have experienced and/or felt during that particular day and put pen to paper.  Do this every morning for a week -- pray a morning offering of your day to God, asking Him to reveal what He would have you be grateful for.  At night, thank Him for revealing Himself to you.  Then the next morning, do the whole process over.
Here's what happens:  Before the week is over you will begin to look for those things to record on your gratitude list from the day before.  You'll be blessed by seeing how God is working in your life and giving you a real "attitude of gratitude."
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  1. This is a great idea, blessings come to my mind I never really thought about! God is so good to us.

  2. I am soo with you on this. THe power of prayer is unbelieveable. Sometimes to reflect on the positives along with the negatives make those bad more of a learning tool. Be grateful for each and everyday and God will show us the good in every bad.

    Much love~~~