Fun with Vinyl ....

A friend of mine had a baby just a couple weeks ago & I've been thinking of what to do to join in the celebration of their new arrival.  I decided to break out my Word Collage cricut cartridge and see what I could whip up using that and some shiny white vinyl. 
I used a square craft block, sprayed the glass with "frost spray" (I really don't know what the stuff is but that's what I call it).  Anyway, after the frost dried I cut the baby collage image at 5.5", used transfer tape to move the vinyl onto the glass, threw in a strand of clear lights and voila -- instant cute baby gift. 

The only thing missing is a wide piece of baby blue ribbon to wrap around the side of the glass block and tie on top.   Hmmm, sounds like a trip to the craft store is on tomorrow's agenda. 
This was such a fun gift to make -- I hope my friend and her family enjoy their handcrafted nightlight. 
Now I'm off to watch HSN because it is still National Craft Month and who knows --- maybe I do need that 25th shade of green to add to my already overstocked cabinet. 
Happy Craftin'!!

Today I Am ..

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."  Ah Thomas Merton.  It doesn't get much better. 
Lovin' this quote enough to make sure at least one person (me??) sees and reads it every day, I just wonder if anyone besides me knows just how powerful this wording really is.  For this season of my life these few words provide the ah-ha I need to take a tiny step closer to how I'd like to live everyday.  Finding myself and losing myself at the same time.
This blog is my little corner of the world where I get to tell my truth.  I am an artist.  I am an expert  in mixed media.  Why?  Because I say so.  Ah you say -- that's a little arrogant.  Actually it's truth.  One of the many spiritual laws that govern us all, whether we believe it or not.  It makes no difference whether it is spoken, thought, or acted out in how we treat others.  The universe only concerns itself with content, the message itself. 
So today I'm throwing off the old ideas that I am what I wear, what I look like, or "where" I come from. 
Today is the day that I live only in the moment, the moment where I AM enough, I AM a good mother, wife and friend.  And if by chance I forget who I really am today, I will come straight to my dining/craft/preschool room of my house, dive into a piece of canvas or a set of colored pencils to lose myself and find myself at the same time.
Make it a great day not dependent on anything other than it is great because you say it is.

A little Spring Bling!

Earlier this month I particpated in a Spring Charm Swap hosted by RockinRenee on the Cricut Circle Board.   You can check out Renee's blog here  here
The bracelet AND this unbelieveably cute necklace were gifts from RockinRenee to everyone who paticpated in the swap, all 25 of us!  As for the charms, each of us made 25 charms, mailed them all to RockinRenee and she in turn sorted 'em out and mailed back to us one complete set of 25 charms.  What a job!!  And what a host -- The necklace she made and the bracelet to put our charms on was just over-the-top.  And I'm lovin' sportin' mine around. 
As for the design of the charms, mostly these were made using Shrinky Dink plastic (that's right.... they're not just for our kids).  The image is stamped on the SD plastic using StazOn ink, and then embellished with glitter gel pens, alcohol inks, other small charms -- the possibilities are endless.
So if you're looking for a little spring pick-me-up, give this a try.  You won't be disappointed.

Giveaway Opportunity

This fantastic giveaway couldn't be anymore timely. Pamela a/k/a The Posh Box reconstructed my blog and I'm thrilled with the result.

I started this blog last year and only posted once or twice because I didn't have adequate working knowledge to design the blog pictured in my mind.  Since that time my, my desire to join the world of blogging has been tugging at my heart.  So when I met Barbara S. and she told me about Pamela, I knew it was time to give this "baby" another go. 

If you have always wanted to blog and don't know where to begin, or your blog needs a face-lift as mine did, or maybe you just want some new fun stuff for your already established blog, you can be sure that Pamela has something to offer us all.

So head on over to and enjoy perusing all she has to offer!!

Check back in this week as I will share with you how to create shabby chic style calling cards using cricut expression, ephemera, and of course a little bling....