Fun with Vinyl ....

A friend of mine had a baby just a couple weeks ago & I've been thinking of what to do to join in the celebration of their new arrival.  I decided to break out my Word Collage cricut cartridge and see what I could whip up using that and some shiny white vinyl. 
I used a square craft block, sprayed the glass with "frost spray" (I really don't know what the stuff is but that's what I call it).  Anyway, after the frost dried I cut the baby collage image at 5.5", used transfer tape to move the vinyl onto the glass, threw in a strand of clear lights and voila -- instant cute baby gift. 

The only thing missing is a wide piece of baby blue ribbon to wrap around the side of the glass block and tie on top.   Hmmm, sounds like a trip to the craft store is on tomorrow's agenda. 
This was such a fun gift to make -- I hope my friend and her family enjoy their handcrafted nightlight. 
Now I'm off to watch HSN because it is still National Craft Month and who knows --- maybe I do need that 25th shade of green to add to my already overstocked cabinet. 
Happy Craftin'!!


  1. I love this!!! This is such a neat gift!!! Your friend is going to love this item.

  2. So did your friend love this? It ROCKS!

  3. Awesome project! I am the designer that created the Word Collage cartridge, and I love what you did with it!