Happy Easter!

Over the past few years I've been anxious to share my experience about what I refer to as  "gifts of the second half of life."  I'm sure there's a more sophisticated title for this season, but second half works for me.  The gist is this:  the first half of adult life seems to focus on survival, achievements, and most importantly our view of the world and how to "fit in", all of which is passed down from our family of origin.
What a relief to know that this is only a portion of the story.  What a gift to realize that it's perfectly okay to acknowledge those old ideas that we carry into our 40s and be confident enough in our own growth to relinquish them for new ideas and motives, providing spiritual growth and continued emotional maturity.
During my first half of life I found little to no joy in my relationships with others or myself.  This led to my always looking for something outside of myself -- something bigger & better to make me "feel" complete, anything to make me feel adequate in any area of my life..
How different my life is today.  For example, today I experienced true joy at home with my family.  I couldn't have asked for anything bigger/better than watching Kate (age 17!!) take time to dye eggs with her little sister.  While the girls dyed eggs I made their Easter "buckets" (having done all this before I'm totally OVER the plastic Easter baskets and the Easter grass that seems to linger all over the living room until Christmas!)  I'm posting a picture of the girls dying their eggs as well as the Easter bucket I made for Erin.

Once again I pulled out the vinyl to cute Erin's name.  I used the Don Juan & Create A Critter cartridges.  The letters and skunk are cut at 3".  The butterflies are cut using a Martha Stewart butterfly punch.  If you're wondering why the skunk -- well it's just what Erin's into right now.
So what old ideas have you been carting around that no longer work for you in your quest to cultivate and maintain deeper relationships in  your life?  I encourage you to not only give this some though but to give yourself permission to embrace new ideas that will serve to enhance your quality of life.
Happy Easter to you all!!

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  1. That is the sweetest thing. I'll have to think about this...