The "Big" Day...

I so love the title of my blog -- life and mixed media -- because there's not a time that I sit down to collage, paint, make a card, or even color digi stamps that I don't find myself deep in thought about life issues, especially as they relate to the second half of life.  I often wonder who besides myself has mixed emotions regarding mother's day.  On the one hand, I love spouting out what mother's day means to ME and how I want to spend my day.  On the other hand, it's a huge reminder of how much I long to have a loving relationship with my eldest.  Bittersweet for sure ... deep love and deep hurt.  But, hey isn't deep love and deep hurt what makes our relationships the richest, the ones we cherish the most?   
Now, to lighten things up a bit HERE'S what I really came to post.  I love this girlfriends line of stamps.  I colored the ladies with my copics and then added a little purse in the corner of the front of the card and the inside of the card just to make it a little more fun. 
And the sentiment says it all.  Girls really do just wanna have fun! 


  1. So lovely and fun! Great job with the coloring. Love the inside of the card also. Really pretty!

  2. Super cute card. Reminds me and my youngest sister when we get together.

  3. Cute card! I just signed to follow your blog and I do love your title I think it's perfect.