Tune In ....

CRAFT WARS premiers Tuesday at 10pm on TLC Now this is my kind of reality television.  I've watched several sneak-peak videos and it looks FANTASTIC..   You can learn more about Tori Spelling, her crafting history, and Craft Wars here
I hope the show will provide more than just entertainment.  I'm always in search of new projects, tecchniques, and of course new products that I just "can't live without." 
So are you planning to tune in?  If so, PLEASE come back and post your thoughts on this new series.  And if you discover that you know any of the contestants or judges please come back and post that info. 
I'm borderline ecstatic to see that we have a reality show based on what I love to do most so I hope you will join me in supporting Craft Wars.
Happy craftin' ....

Isn't it interesting how "life happens" at point-blank range at the exact moment you have discovered a passion that you want to pursue with every fiber of your being?!  I have been enjoying everything artsy from ballet to music, card making to mixed-media for as long as I can remember.   In the last year or so have I become truly obsessed with creating art work, not so much a finished product but the process itself of creating.  My blog was created as a venue of connecting in with others who are smitten with crafting and blogging.  Afterall, aren't our blogs one more product of our creativity?  Of course it is, so I truly regret having let ten days go by without any posting.  We all know that the only way to obtain and keep loyal followers is to post regularly and interact regularly with other bloggers.  So ... thanks for hanging in there with me as I learn to navigate this world of blogging. 
Now onto the fun part of things.  I was thrilled to see that Claudine Hellmuth is offering her collage online class with Big Picture Classes.  I took her class last year, loved it, and am absolutely doing it again.  You can learn more about Claudine here.  Today I'm posting a collage I made and submitted as part of her collage class.  Being a fan of dress forms, bling, and canvas this is a favorite. 
Thank you for spending valuable time visiting Life and Mixed Media and ... 

happy craftin'!!

It's a GIRL!!

I'm almost certain I posted a vinyl block like this a couple months back, but it's just so dang cute and so easy I thought it might be worth the repeat.  A friend of mine welcomed a baby girl into the world in the past couple of weeks so I created a nightlight for her baby.  I used the Word Collage cricut cartridge and some pretty girly girl pink vinyl to make this simple yet fun project. 
Ah there's no ribbon on it because I just cannot make up my mind which way to go ...
Enjoy and happy craftin'

OH and one more thing ... I was totally blown away with excitement earlier today when I checked my email and had received notice of a CTMH order being placed through my website.   What a great surprised.  I just know RJ is going to be as thrilled with her products as I have been with mine.  And I am so grateful!!

Fun Paper Bag Mini

I'll start out by admitting that this post might be a little "photo-heavy" and that the pictures just aren't that great.  With that said, I now admit that I LOVE playing mixed media in my craft ah, I mean dining room.  There's just something spiritual in nature about pulling out a piece of sticky-back canvas and layering paints, chalks. and inks one on top of another.  Oh and then you add stenciling ... well you get the picture. 
Specifically, I used Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas; a little gesso; a mixture of acrylic paints & glazing medium; blue stenciling tape; gel, white and paint pens; a variety of sentiments from my CTMH stamps,  and good ol' baby wipes to blend the paints. 
Enjoy & happy craftin'!!

Here's the "inside" and a fun, often true, page:

This cover for this mini was inspired by Pam Carriker.  Her "Brushless Background Masterboard" was published in the Autumn 2010 issue of Somerset Workshop.