Isn't it interesting how "life happens" at point-blank range at the exact moment you have discovered a passion that you want to pursue with every fiber of your being?!  I have been enjoying everything artsy from ballet to music, card making to mixed-media for as long as I can remember.   In the last year or so have I become truly obsessed with creating art work, not so much a finished product but the process itself of creating.  My blog was created as a venue of connecting in with others who are smitten with crafting and blogging.  Afterall, aren't our blogs one more product of our creativity?  Of course it is, so I truly regret having let ten days go by without any posting.  We all know that the only way to obtain and keep loyal followers is to post regularly and interact regularly with other bloggers.  So ... thanks for hanging in there with me as I learn to navigate this world of blogging. 
Now onto the fun part of things.  I was thrilled to see that Claudine Hellmuth is offering her collage online class with Big Picture Classes.  I took her class last year, loved it, and am absolutely doing it again.  You can learn more about Claudine here.  Today I'm posting a collage I made and submitted as part of her collage class.  Being a fan of dress forms, bling, and canvas this is a favorite. 
Thank you for spending valuable time visiting Life and Mixed Media and ... 

happy craftin'!!


  1. Wow!!Loving this collage E! You're so artsy! This is so pretty! Love the colors and all the detail.

  2. Oh how cute!! You ladies make me want to be card artsy! lol

  3. You did a Fabulous job!!! New follower!