Tune In ....

CRAFT WARS premiers Tuesday at 10pm on TLC Now this is my kind of reality television.  I've watched several sneak-peak videos and it looks FANTASTIC..   You can learn more about Tori Spelling, her crafting history, and Craft Wars here
I hope the show will provide more than just entertainment.  I'm always in search of new projects, tecchniques, and of course new products that I just "can't live without." 
So are you planning to tune in?  If so, PLEASE come back and post your thoughts on this new series.  And if you discover that you know any of the contestants or judges please come back and post that info. 
I'm borderline ecstatic to see that we have a reality show based on what I love to do most so I hope you will join me in supporting Craft Wars.
Happy craftin' ....


  1. OMG!!! You and Barbara need to be on that show! lol HOW FUN! I'll probably watch it on Demand because I watch Hells Kitchen and Master Chef tonight..

  2. I keep getting mixed emotions on the show. Some folks loved it and other's.....well not so much! It looked fun to me!

  3. well I cant wait to watch it, love these kinda shows.