Praying in Color

Several months ago a dear a friend told me about a "new way to pray" intoducing to me  the book Praying in Color.  You can view the book here on Amazon here   I  envisioned lit candles and sitting in a position with legs crossed and a straight back. The lit candle idea sounded good to me -- but the idea of contorting my body into an uncomfortable position didn't go over so well. Then she said a few words that sounded angelic. This prayer form involves using markers, watercolor pencils and any other art medium. Now that had my attention.  I fell in love with the idea of lifting my family, friends' concerns, etc using my art as well as my heart.

After talking with my friend and looking through the book, we realized this book is perfect for anybody.  It's all inclusive.  If the idea of prayer is not for you, in no way will that minimize the actual practicing of praying in color because you can call it "whatever..."  Thinking of you .... my dream page ... goal setting... the possibilities are endless. 
The objective is to use your doodles, line drawings, whatever it is you love as a way to express what's really going on in your heart -- what's really going on INSIDE.
Here is a Gratitude page from my smashbook, the perfect place for me to play with color -- I mean pray. 
Check your local library for this gem of a book.


  1. Beautiful!! I want to read that book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is beautiful Elizabeth!! I love it!! Amazing even!! Thanks for sharing.