Circle Mania 2012

Circle Mania 2012 in Atlanta last weekend so far exceeded my expectations that I'm still enjoying the energy.  Meeting, face-to-face, women I have been friends with online for several years was nothing short of a huge blessing.  We had THREE FULL DAYS of nothing BUT crafting (okay that's not completely true.  We had plenty of good shopping & good food)  ....everything from card making, to altered objects, to jewlery making.  The sounds of humming cricut expressions and yes, even the singing of a few Cameos only fueled our creative ideas.  And the generosity of these women is incredible.  Pictures of some of our goodies coming up in my next post.
For me, the acid test in determining whether or not an event like this feeds the creative soul or takes away too much energy is how I feel once I return home and go about my everyday life, fitting in what I love every second I can.  And I have to say I came home from Atlanta completely renewed, not the least bit overly tired but relaxed and rejuvenated.  I can feel good about saying that even though I came home to children with strep and a house that looked like chaos had taken over.....
Because I am not a traiditional scrapbooker, I was so grateful when Cassandra (mb name Ctimz3) gave each and every one of us a layout kit to put together.  All I did was put the kit together, using the picture of the completed layout as a guide for my own.  I love the peachy keen pumpkin stamp and couldn't resist using an Action Wobble (so generously donated by the Scrapbooking Queen).  These Action Wobbles are precious and you can find out more details about them
I also couldn't resist using a few of the calling cards on this layout.  These were created (from left to right using their mb name) by Susan From SC, ScrappyMama, and JenniferHolloway3.
Now all I need is a group photo. 


 Happy Craftin' ....


  1. I am so glad you had fun @ mania. Your layout looks great!!! Sorry about the kiddos and house, I so can relate.

    Take care and hoe to see you soon!!!


  2. Elizabeth! You have reminded me that I still need to do my page from the kit Casandra provided! I love that you used calling cards on yours! That was such a fun weekend! (And I have almost recovered from it).

    I totally agree: that event and meeting those ladies was a true blessing! I am so glad I got to meet you!