The Life Portion

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm all about what's commonly referred to as midlife. Not that I don't cringe when I voice my age --I do, but I really believe that even that can and will be surrendered. I'm willing to be willing to surrender the vanity and arrogance that dominated my first-half life experience, right alongside allowing my emotions to dictate my behavior and decisions (a/k/a my emotions running over my azz). Well for the most part's always a work in progress.
I'm learning in this second-half season to take it easy, to pray to be in communion with the divine and in good relations with friends and family. I'm learning how to let go of the guilt of imperfection, to forgive myself and others. I'm learning that to love with the heart of a mother can be painful and rewarding simultaneously.
Beginning this second-half life journey, I recognize that God's best kept secret of humility will be the instrument that teaches me how to love myself.
Here's a quick view of how love is showing up in my home the last few days....

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December Daily Time

There's nothing quite like the approach of the holiday season to bring out the very best of creativity. I've suffered a bit with self-inflicted sensory overload from hopping to blog after blog after blog, not to mention the YouTube videos I've watched. So now I have a list of everything I want to create before and during the holiday season, only about a quarter of which will actually get done, 100%.
The project I'm working on today is one that I'm loving. This past weekend I stumbled across Teresa Collins' December Countdown Memory Binder Album Kita/k/a the 2012 December Daily Kit.
Here's a look at the cover that will go on the 3-ring binder. Now you'll notice that this is not the TC Christmas paper. I don't have one sheet of her Christmas paper (no idea how that happened). So I was forced to use a pack of gorgeous Nutcracker Sweet paper by graphic45
I outlined the page with Diva Decor's Glitter Liner and filled in the hole on the tag using Viva Decor's Ice White Pearl Pen