Heavenly Assistance -- Available for the Asking

Pray for me, Our Lady. I am a sinner and need to be encouraged. Please pray for me to step back from the world, be open to God and His will, and have courage to act accordingly.”

           Some days, life runs at me so hard, that I forget there is immediate help if I would only look up and step into the mantle of protection of Our Lady. God allows her to lead us. Why is it that sometimes I just simply forget to follow? It is silly and ridiculous to think or act as if I can maneuver through this life without God’s grace. If only I could just be a tiny fraction like the Blessed Mother. She listened to the message of an angel, and forever lived according to God’s will. She has reached out to us, taught us of love and sacrifice, and we are granted the privilege of her care and motherly protection. I do ask for encouragement and perseverance to walk with her to complete faithfulness in Jesus, our Lord.