To Our Lady of Good Help

I have a very dear friend who is an accomplished writer.  From the first time she put pen to paper, it was obvious that God had given her a huge gift -- a gift she has learned to use to serve God and her community.  Her most recent writings are prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary taken straight from her prayer journal,  private in nature, and were meant to be shared only with the Blessed Mother.  However, God had a different plan.  After writing a series of prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady directed my friend to make these prayers available to others.  My friend and I are also sisters-in-Christ so I was honored to open my email and receive these heartfelt prayers.  I was completely blown away by their deep beauty and simplicity.  After prayerful consideration my friend has given me the honor of posting these prayers on my blog.  It is my intention to post three prayers a week.  I hope you will check in often so that you can be as blessed as I have been through these prayers. 

All of the prayers are the same in format.  The italicized writing is the prayer to the Blessed Mother followed by the specific intention of my friend. 

The first of these is to Our Lady of Good Help.  If you are interested in more information about Our Lady of Good Help, you can find it here.

“Our Lady of Good Help, thank you for taking our petitions to our Lord. I see the changes working in our lives. Please continue to pray on our behalf…especially for the children; they need His help and guidance.”
Opportunities are opening up; loved ones are reaching out to the goodness and light around them, brought by intense prayer. Burdens seem to be just a little lighter, and there is hope that dreams may come true. It is a more beautiful world because of the Blessed Mother, the mother of Jesus and the mother of each one of us. She is God’s greatest gift to us, by far. I love you far, far beyond these pitiful words, Our Lady of Good Help.

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  1. This is such a great idea Elizabeth, I am looking forward to reading your prayers.