Today was just "one of those days" where I knew deep down to stop and pray.  Not surprisingly, in prayer the Holy Spirit prompted me to post this particular prayer penned by my sister-in-Christ. 

“Help us pray more, Blessed Mother of Jesus. Help us pray for our needs, for families, for our nation and for all humanity. Especially aid us in prayers for our personal intentions and the intentions of those we love.”

Years ago, while on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the town in Bosnia-Herzegovina, site of apparitions of Our Lady since 1981, I began to understand the importance of prayer on a deeper level. Many of the messages given by the Blessed Mother stress the need for prayers by individuals and in community. The rosary, based on scriptures that describe the mysteries of Jesus and Mary, is really the instrument that the Blessed Mother used to guide me on a spiritual path and into the Catholic faith. It is still one of my favorite prayers. This wonderful prayer is so simple, yet so rich. The rhythm of the words begins to come from deep down in the heart. It can be such a private time to have very personal prayer, or you can feel the strength of the words as you pray in unison with others. Pray, pray, pray the rosary! From my deepest heart, I am grateful that Our Lady teaches us so many ways to be closer to Jesus!

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