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Thank you for taking time to Life-and-Mixed-Media.  There's a gazillion blogs out there & I'm grateful for your visit here!
A little background:
Life-and-Mixed-Media has been redesigned to reflect a different season within my life and art.  About six months ago I began to pay attention to what I was passionate about and in doing so have come up with specific goals and action-steps needed to achieve these goals.  As part of this process I've narrowed down my love for all things crafty to love for a few things crafty.  Narrowing down to a few areas affords the time and energy needed to increase my skill level, in hopes of sharing a variety of home décor projects and gift ideas with friends and family.  Having benefitted greatly from Social Media, I was pleasantly surprised that having specific goals made plenty of room for growing skills in the social media arena.
So here we are now:
One main goal is to supply my friends and family with affordable home décor and gift items.  
Below is an image cut using vinyl and the Silhouette Cameo, with the vinyl image placed on the inside of the glass portion of an inexpensive frame.  The frame appears a little uneven because I couldn't seem to avoid the glare of the glass apart from this particular angle. 

So what do you think?  I've cut this same image using black vinyl and different background paper.  If you're interested in a similar home décor piece, leave a comment including the color scheme of your kitchen & I'll follow-up.
And if you're interested in a blog design, check out Pamela Lopez of theposhbox.net.  Pamela has a true gift in her design work.  If you desire a blog, professional or personal, Pamela is your go-to person.  Of course you could spend hours watching tutorials and "figuring it out" or you could spend a fraction of that time completing Pamela's questionnaire thereby allowing her gift to shine in matching your desire with her design work.

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